Closing For A Bit

Hola, fellow alphas!

It’s XOXOAliciaHeartsYou here with an announcement on behalf of BecomingAnAlpha.

I know we were going to try having guest authors, but that won’t be able to work out.  I’m sorry!  Even the admin of BAA have become to busy for it and therefore this blog will be on a hiatus/break for a while.  We all need time to work things out. Sorry! (especially sorry to the Alphas-In-Training who’ve been waiting for their turn on the list…we’ll figure out a way to make this up to you somehow!)

Have a great winter!

xoxo, Leesh and the rest of BAA


A Little Font Goes a Long Way

New Romantics

Baby I could Build a Castle, out of all the bricks they threw at me

Happy Saturday, all you lovely GLU’s! This OXMB coming to you with another BAA post, so grab that pumpkin spice latte, cuddle up in your VS Pink sweats and get ready for my second post! I hope you will all enjoy it!

So lately, I’ve had people ask me ways that might help to give their blog a little extra flare. Whenever we think of ways to spice up our blog, most of us think picture borders, unique backgrounds, or maybe even some new and original pages, am I right? But a great way of spicing up your blog that I’ll be sharing with you today, is a lot simpler and one of the easiest ways to give your blog some character.

Fonts. When you hear that little five letter word what do you think? Maybe it’s the text that you put on your header, or that tool on the websites that you use for creating makeovers. Honestly, fun and pretty fonts can be used anywhere on your blog, whether it’s a swirly script scrawled across your blog’s header or just adding a font with a quote like the one I included at the top of this post! Fonts are really fun to use on our blogs and by following these easy steps you can be the Queen of Fonts. Here’s how!


There are tons of free downloadable font websites out there, however I’ve found one of the best ones to use is When you first type in the URL you should come to a page that looks something like this:


2. Font Categories

At the top of the home page, which is the page that looks like the one above, you will find tons of different categories for fonts. The categories are outlined in the red box at the top. Some of the ones that I use the most are under the Script category, and I either pick my fonts from the Handwritten or Calligraphy category. If I’m looking for a unique font I’ll look under the Script; Various.


3. Finding a Font

Once you find a category you like, it’s time to begin your search! For this tutorial I’ll be looking under the Script; Handwritten category. The Handwritten category is one of my personal favorites, and it has tons and tons of fonts to choose from. Here’s what it looks like once you begin searching around:


3. Downloading

Once you find a font you like you’ll have to download it. It sounds scary, but trust me it’s very simple! Downloading the font will take a few steps, so I’m going to insert a slideshow in to cover all the basics if you’re not sure how to download.

1.First thing you have to do is click the download button next to the font you like.

2.When you click download a little box will pop up asking you what to do with the file. Make sure to save the file, and then click “OK”

3. After you’ve completed this step you will have to go to your downloads, and find the file.

4. In your downloads click on the zip file that saved the font.

5. A box should appear with the font, double click on the font and then click “Install.”


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4. Done, done, and done!

Now that your font is installed you can use it in pretty much any program! and Pixlr are just a few that I use my fonts with. You can write with your fonts on your headers, or you can type something with them, save them as a picture and paste them anywhere on your blog. Enjoy!

I hope this tutorial helped you, and I hope you all had fun reading about a new way to spice your blog up! I can’t wait to see all the new fonts around WordPress now! Make sure to follow BAA for more tutorials like this, and if this tutorial helped you go ahead and leave a thumbs up or a comment below!

Don’t forget to check out this month’s Alpha in Training, MassMarissaBlock!

Until next time!


Lovisaa ~


P.S. Anyone else currently in love with Taylor Swift’s new album 1989? The picture and quote at the top came from one of my favorite songs on the album!

A Request

Hola, fellow alphas!

It’s XOXOAliciaHeartsYou here with a small announcement on behalf of BecomingAnAlpha.

Quite a few of us BAA members are becoming very busy and are finding ourselves unable to post on some occasions.  So, we’d like to know if there are any of you who would like to write a post or two as a guest author…no application necessary.  As long as you have a great idea to write about that can relate to blogging, you’re good to go!

Please comment below if you’re interested and I’ll be in touch with those of you who do!


Don’t forget to also check out our Alpha-In-Training for this month, too: KristenXOXOSilver!

xoxo, Leesh

Falling for Fall

Bonjour Lovelies!

This is OXMB here, with my very first post here on BAA! Before I begin my post today, I would like to give a huge thank you for the girls who accepted my application for BecomingAnAlpha, and for letting me contribute to this fabulous little corner of WordPress! I would also like to formally introduce myself to all the girls out there who might not be as familiar with some of my blogs. Hi there, I’m OXMassieBlock, or as some of you know me MissMarleyAndrews. I have been on wordpress for almost a year now, and I absolutely adore blogging and all the amazing bloggers who make up the community here at WordPress! Now that we’ve gotten past the formalities, let’s get on with the post, shall we?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Beach Blonde, Don't Care

That’s right, it’s autumn, fall, September-November! Which means that it’s time to break out the cozy sweaters and add in the cute pictures of girls with Starbucks drinks in their hands and Armani scarves around their necks. However, can too much fall be a bad thing? What I mean, is sometimes our excitement for the seasons changing can get the best of us and we can get what I like to call “Fall Crazy.” So today, I thought I would make a couple of steps that can help you get your blog in the fall mood without going crazy! Here’s how:

1. Be Neutral

Neutral and understated colors always help me get into the fall spirit. Adding some darker colors like maroon, navy blue, or dark purple to your blog can really make a difference. For instance, using a solid color background like maroon, burnt orange, or gray, can cause the simple things on your blog to really pop and make a statement. A lot of times when October comes we like to put out some overused colors, like orange and black. Now, there’s nothing at all wrong with those colors because nothing says fall like a good bit of Halloween orange and black, but adding some more unique and understated colors to your blog make it appear to stand out and look just as fall inspired.

2. Sweater Weather

With the leaves falling down outside and the air getting cooler it really makes me just want to throw on a cozy oversized sweater. Sweater weather is probably my favorite kind of weather and I just love to look at all the fall fashion on WeHeartIt! So when it comes to adding in fall pictures it’s always fun to put up some cute and cozy sweaters or a steaming Starbucks lattes. Sometimes adding a simple picture of a latte, sweaters or a little autumn scenery in the widgets section of your blog is the perfect way to say a subtle “Happy Fall!” Without having to scream “IT”S FALL!” At your readers.

3. Fashion Inspo.

A lot of bloggers like to have “Closet” or “OOTD” pages on their blogs, and fall outfits are always fun to find on WHI or create on websites such as Polyvore! However, you want to make sure that if you’re trying to create a cute autumn inspired outfit that you make sure to remember the essentials and make it original at the same time. We all know that fall comes with sweaters, and scarves, but have you paid attention to the little fashion things of fall? Whenever I think fall fashion I think Hunter boots, patterned infinity scarves, jeggings/leggings, dark wash jeans, and new shades of Essie. Some bloggers get so excited about fall fashion that they tend to forget the little fashion perks of fall, so next time you’re creating an outfit take a breath, slow down, and remember the fall inspired fashion that you enjoy most.

4. Tis the Season

With season changes, come blog changes. Some ways to spice up your blog and give it that extra fall feel are by creating some new fall inspired pages and incorporating fall traits into your posts. Think about it, don’t you just love going to a little coffee joint during this time of year with your friends? Well, chances are the character that you roleplay as would love to do the same. When writing posts maybe add in some little details that give your blog an extra fall feel, for instance write about your character and friends meeting up at Starbucks, or have your character bake some tasty fall treats! Even having your character carving pumpkins or going shopping for sweaters are perfect ways to incorporate this season into your blog!

5. Cozy It Up

Let’s face it, autumn is probably the coziest season that happens all year. So take advantage of that factor, go ahead and cozy your blog up with some knit backgrounds, or Ugg boots on your sidebar! Fall is so fun to decorate for and write about, so don’t forget to have fun with this season and make it your own. Cuddle up with a blanket while you type on your sleek Macbook Pro, and just enjoy the cold air. Remember, fall is fun, and I don’t know about you but I can’t help but just fall in love with fall.

I hope this post really helped you get in the fall spirit, and that you found these tips helpful! I hope that you all have an ah-mazing fall!

Hands Full Of Colorful Pencils | via Tumblr



This month’s AIT is KristenXOXOSilver, be sure to check out her fabulous blog!

H is For High Fashion

Hello, loves!

It’s CheersClaireLyons with another post for Becoming An Alpha.

We know that FC’s are a big part of this community, almost to a point where we cannot imagine life without them. I am not the biggest fan of using high-fashion models as FC’s, because I think they look more alien-esque (thank you, Tyra Banks for the word) and less ‘textbook, normal pretty’ then, say, actors or VS models.  However, there are a few of them that I really, really love and think you should start using right now.

Ali Michael

Ali Michael is one of the more normal looking high fashion models. Besides, she’s super pretty. Just look at those eyebrows. Plus, she has a great personality too. Almost like Jennifer Lawrence, before she was stereotyped to be the cool girl. Check out her Twitter and Instagram, they’re filled with gorgeous (and funny) snaps.

Age: 16 – 19

Best For: A funny, laid back life-of-the-party type. Like Sabrina Carpenter / Maya Hart in Girl Meets World, only with better eyebrows.

Ginta Lapina

One of the better known high-fashion models for her ice blonde hair and striking blue eyes. She can play a wide variety of roles because of her gorgeous, youthful face but nontraditional features. Ginta won’t appear in any high-earning-models list, but she certainly deserves to. Because of her popularity, she has many pictures and a few gifs (more than other high-fashion models, at least).

Age: 15 – 20

Best For: Any sweet girl with a slight edge. I’m also impartial for her as Elsa from Frozen, if anyone wants to do that.

Lindsay Hansen

Lindsay’s well known for her freckled face and unique look. Her hair is absolutely beautiful, it’s a reddish color that I would die for. She looks sweet and innocent Claire (minus the hair) to me, but she would make a convincing Dylan for sure. Linds has a couple of amazing editorials, including a natural, ‘hippie’ one and quite a few in the shirt you see above. Her gifs are far in few between, but they are amazing as far as HF gifs go.

Age: 15 – 18

Best For: An naïve little girl who hasn’t seen much of the world yet. Also a Dylan. Lindsay for Dylan 2014.

Anais Pouliot

Anais, if you can’t tell by her name, is very French. She has that sort of deceptive innocence around her, like Regina in Mean Girls when she’s nice to Cady at first. In a lot of editorials she’s smirking, but there are once of her acting innocent too. Major plus. Besides, look at that Cindy Crawford mole. Isn’t it to die for?

Age: 15 – 17

Best For: Could go two ways – total Regina George or pre-makeover Cady Heron. You decide.

Lindsay Wixson

The second Lindsay on this list is also probably the biggest risk. To state it bluntly, she’s not traditionally pretty at all. But her signature tooth gap and baby face are very unique. If you wanted someone who emits special fabulous vibes through her stunning pale blue eyes, then here’s the way to go. Plus, she has tons and tons of stunning pictures and a load of gifs for a high-fashion girl. She’s definitely on my RP bucket list to use.

Age: 14 – 17

Best For: The super unique, awesomely quirky girl. Like Allison from The Breakfast Club (which is an awesome movie if you haven’t seen it).

There you have it! My high-fashion faves, revealed to you. I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you next time (I post)!

PS: The Alpha in Training for this month is LoveMiaSheridan, so go take a look at her blog!

– Claire Lyons. ♠

live or else i’ll find your password and hack your blog. ok? ok.

Summertime Sadness

Hello Darling!

I’m sorry that this post is a day late but better late than never!

Most of us have begun the school year again and we now find ourselves in the hallways we dread and squeaky clean classrooms we wish we could avoid visiting. I know that having to go back to school was a hard realization for me to come to but one thing that really helped me stay positive despite the growing pressures of school was the idea that fall was coming soon. I honestly love fall. The foliage, sweaters, crisp air and pumpkin scented candles just make me melt with joy. So, to help some of you get out of your end-of-summer blues,  I thought I would share a video that I used to make a lot of seasonal fall arts and crafts. The video is by a youtuber that I think all of you know and love: Bethany Mota. I highly suggest that you subscribe to her channel! I personally tested out all of these crafts along with the DIYs from her DIY School Supplies video (click here to see that). I love spicing up my room for the fall and I think her video really helped.

*New makeover up on PFK. It’s really different for me so I hope you like it!

-Kristen S. Gregory

Spice Up Your Clique Page

Hello everyone! Gisy D here with a new post. This one is about how to make your Clique page look more interesting

Tip 1: Changing colours. To make your page more interesting you could change the colours of text or photo/gif borders. For the text go into editing mode then click “Toolbar Toggle”. A new row of options should come up. Highlight the text you want to colour then click on the little arrow next to the clipboard with a T on it. Then select the colour you would like and you’re all good.  Here’s a tutorial on how to change the border colour by the lovey XOXOAHY: Tutorial

Tip 2: Group photo. Since it’s highly unlikely that everyone in your group has a picture with all your FC’s in it, here are a few ways to get around that. Sites like WeHeartIt and Tumblr have cool photos that can represent people in your clique.


 Or another way is to find png’s of the people in your clique, then find a nice pattern or background. Next go to and click “edit picture” then upload your pattern/background. Then you can crop and edit it to your liking. Next click the butterfly icon (overlays) then click “your own” and upload the PNG’s you’d like. Lastly click save. Et voila.


Tip 3: Group gif. An alternative to a group photo is a group gif. How to do this is find gifs of your Clique members FCs. Then use my tutorial on how to make Crackships. But upload as many gifs as you need to get all the people in your clique in. My tutorial.


 Tip 4: Something that represents your clique. For example my group is called the Heavenly Creatures so I have a picture of angel wings to represent them.


Tip 5: Change it up. Changing the bios and pictures/gifs on your page can make a huge difference. Some new things are gif sets or PNG photos (Tip 2). PNG photos can include one photo of your face claim or multiple photos of your face claim. For bios you can write cute bios for each character in your characters voice. Another idea is to create a little fact bio for each character that gives a little bit of information.

 I hope these tips were helpful to you!


August AIT: Macaroons And Marc Jacobs

WeHeartIt Etiquette

Hello my darling alphas!

Your favorite babe CheersClaireLyons here with my sophomore BAA post (fitting, since I know a lot of you are going back to school). This one is going to be about WeHeartIt etiquette. Is that even a thing? Yes, yes it is.

Let’s keep the fancy intros short and sweet and move on to the what-to-do and what-not-to-do’s of WHI.

What To Do

Make collections of the images you’re going to use on your blog. Some examples are the ones I have on my WeHeartIt, one for each of my blogs & for separate categories such as fashion, beauty, & technology and topped with a cute heart-esque emoji for each one.

Label DNU’s with DNU. So obvious that it hurts, but if it’s Do Not Use or Restricted Access or whatever, put it in the name of the collection or your bio. You can’t go around e-screaming at people about taking your DNU pics if the collection wasn’t labeled.

Know where to draw the line with number of pictures. There are some people that have thousands of pictures saved, and that’s just not appropriate. Personally, I prefer having one DNU collection (labeled so) and separate collections for pictures that I either might use or are saving for sometime in the very distant future.

Update your profile stating clearly who you are and what your blog url is (and look, the people behind the site have even left a little space for both)! Also, if gaining followers is your sort of thing, it’s important to have a clean, well-kept home page.

Heart others’ pictures. Yeah. I said it. It’s completely fine to heart pictures from other people’s profiles – as long as you aren’t taking them from their DNU collection or hearting 50 at a time. That’s what WHI is all about, isn’t it?

Use your common sense when determining what’s fine to do and what’s not. Use the golden rule. Would you want someone else doing to you what you are doing to someone else? WeHeartIt karma bites.

What Not To Do

Take other people’s DNU pictures. #NoBrainer. But it happens a LOT more than you might think, whether by accident or not. I know I’ve been guilty of this a few times, everyone has.

Be rude about taking things down. AKA, refusing, being snarky, the ole’ ignore+delete, etc. If someone’s brave enough to ask, just take it down. Be annoyed, sure, but in the end it’s just a picture.

Spam-save from one profile at one time. It’s literally the most annoying thing ever when your phone is buzzing off the hook just because you wanted to heart 100 of my pictures. Besides, it clogs the notifications up, preventing us from seeing things like follows and hearts of the pictures we save.

Look up the tags of the pictures and heart from us that way. Bye. You can leave now. We know you’re taking our pictures, so just take them in front of our faces. Besides, what’s the point? It’s still a DNU picture, I still had it first, therefore you still can’t use it.

Having 1000+ (or even 100+) Do Not Use pics is just unnecessary+rude. Besides, you probably will never get around to using all of them, so what’s the point of saving them? The average number for a DNU collection for a person with 3 blogs is around 90 or so pictures. That should be enough with some extra (of course, you can have unlimited pictures in your non-DNU collections, like the individual ones I have for each of my blogs).

Annoy people. Yeah. This one pretty much explains itself.

I certainly hope you all enjoyed this quick WHI tip and I hope that you’ll take these into consideration when hearting pics.

Ta-ta! Until we meet again.

xx, Claire S. Lyons

PS: This month’s Alpha-In-Training is MacaroonsAndMarcJacobs! Take a moment to check out her fabulous blog.

A prime example of a WHI picture. Unfortunately, I’ll never get to use it on CCL. Boo. So it’s here because I love it!